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About iMarket Global Inc.

iMarket Global, inc. is the exclusive in-house marketer for three of the largest privately-held Retail Energy Service Companies. Summitt energy, SFE Energy & Family Energy. iMarket Global inc markets natural gas, electricity and carbon offset programs to large commercial and residential consumers across the United States and Canada.

You Have A Choice

In 1996, the New York Public Utilities Commission began unbundling electricity and natural gas, making it possible for homeowners to choose their electricity supplier. Today, more and more New Yorkers are choosing electricity price protection programs to manage fluctuating energy costs and give them peace of mind with a fixed rate for their home’s electricity supply.

What is Regulation?

In certain areas across North America, energy prices remain regulated. This means that all energy providing processes including pricing are governed by a regulatory or government body, with only the local utility able to sell directly to consumers. The utility or government set the prices for natural gas and electricity supply, along with the associated transportation and distribution costs associated with those commodities. Consumers therefore have no choice when it comes to their energy provider.

What is Deregulation?

Deregulation has taken place in many states and provinces throughout North America. It has allowed competitive energy suppliers, such as our partners to enter the markets and offer their energy supply products to consumers. Energy prices are not regulated in these areas and consumers are not forced to receive supply from their utility. In deregulated markets, consumers can choose their supplier, similar to other common household service providers. The marketing of these services is still regulated.